The Investors Club of Armenia

The Investors Club of Armenia (ICA) is Armenia’s first non-public contractual investment fund. We offer a unique investment platform that benefits investors while also making a positive contribution to the growth of the local economy.

Since its foundation on 20 January 2017, we offer investors access to insider knowledge, powerful networks and unrivalled investment opportunities. We help investors to enter new markets, raise capital and secure partnerships.

The ICA’s goal is to ensure shareholder returns by operating and allocating capital efficiently and delivering attractive, risk-adjusted returns. We pursue the highest standards of conduct, both corporate and individual, to build client and investor loyalty and enhance our reputation.

We recognise the importance of adhering to robust corporate governance practices that secure effective oversight and strong accountability. We are well positioned to ensure adherence to these practices across our investment portfolio. We believe in promoting integrity and transparency within the investment management sector.


Our Vision: We envisage the development of an Armenian economy in which investors actively participate and earn attractive returns.

Our Mission: To mobilise global investors and build a reliable investment platform in Armenia through which investors can contribute to the growing local economy and benefit from future development in a sustainable and ethical manner.

67% - Renewable Energy
32% - Industry
1% - Housing and Construction

Our portfolio by economic sectors.


Share of the ICA’s investments in overall projects.


Shnogh Hydro Power Plant

Installed Capacity - 76 MW

Annual Generation - 300 millions of kWh

Solar Power Plant

Installed Capacity - 50 MW

Annual Generation - 0.6 millions of kWh

Waste to Energy Power Plant

Installed Capacity - 10 MW

Annual Generation - 80 millions of kWh

Meghri Hydro Power Plant

Installed Capacity - 100 MW

Annual Generation - 600 millions of kWh


Construction of residential buidlings


Construction and runninng of a Copper Production Plant

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How it works

At the ICA, everything starts with evidence and research. Our team of experts collate and compile vast amounts of data and information on developments in Armenia and various regions of the world. It is this significant investment in a robust evidence-based approach that allows us to ensure our investors benefit from superior long-term returns.

We maintain a strong focus on understanding how the economy works. We aim to achieve consistent success through developing an in-depth understanding of the global economy and financial markets, and by translating this understanding into concrete portfolios and strategic partnerships with the government of Armenia and local businesses.

The ICA’s resolute determination to maintain a sustainable approach to investment is reflected in one of our current strategic investment focuses: renewable energy. Though acknowledging and managing the challenges associated with disrupting established business practices, the ICA will strive to make a significant contribution to the emergence of Armenia as a regional economic power. Thus, we will continue to consolidate investments in the promising and sustainable sectors of Armenia’s economy.

Investment strategies that take into consideration the long-term horizon tend to outperform those that are based on short-term market trends. This patient approach helps exploit market volatility to the investor’s long-term advantage.

To generate high returns over time, we seek to foster well-functioning businesses in Armenia. While pursuing our mandate, we also create value in the Armenian business sector by:

  • Injecting capital into companies
  • Exercising active and responsible ownership of companies
  • Being a long-term, counter-cyclical participant in the financial markets.

Ownership: Every member of the ICA makes a contribution to the social-economic development of Armenia.

Public Private Partnership: on May 2, 2017 the ICA signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Armenian Government aimed at cooperation and joining efforts for implementation of strategic projects.

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